Sustainability is a key component of any company’s core values, but it becomes even more vital when the company’s outreach directly impacts its local environment and neighbors. Because of the services we provide, we have developed a strong focus on sustainability and demonstrate this commitment in a variety of ways.

Sustainable Fleet Program

Our Fleet Department is committed to sustainability by constantly evaluating the company’s vehicle needs. Each year, we assess the size of our fleet and “right size” to our needs. The entire transportation fleet has been transitioned over to compact Hybrid vehicles to reduce our impact in the local and global environment, while all diesel vehicles have been fitted with exhaust emission reduction devices to reduce harmful diesel exhaust emissions and particulate matter.

With our consistent growth, we made the commitment long ago that as our company grows we refuse to let our negative impact grow as well. This is why our innovative Fleet program is such an important part of our core values.

Water Reclamation

A key component of our sustainability plan is a consistently high standard of water reclamation in all of our water-based cleaning activities, including power and window washing as well as steam cleaning operations. Reclamation pressure washing is the process of capturing, containing, and safely disposing of the waste and waste water generated during pressure washing operations.

We accomplished this task by integrating the highest commercial hot water pressure washer skids to very powerful gas powered vacuum blowers, transfer pumps, sediment separation tanks, bulk water tanks, waste water storage tanks, various live hose reels and adequate valving to ensure that we can do this work without clogging up our equipment with the considerable waste that we remove from the large jobs we undertake.  Our captured waste water is then transported to a suitable waste water treatment facility.

With the increasing draught conditions, this function of sustainability has become increasingly important. High quality steam cleaners and low-flow power washing units use less water than other service providers, allowing clients to remain compliant with local water usage regulations.

Environmentally, we are able to limit runoff of waste into storm drains and local water sources by performing regular maintenance to dumpster enclosures and alleyways while reclaiming the water, reducing the waste that would otherwise wash to the ocean with regular rainfall. A tremendous amount of hydrocarbons and heavy metals dislodged from steam cleaning heavy construction equipment are also voided as we capture all the waste water from our work.

These reclamation machines are next evolution of pressure washing as we move into a greener and more ecologically aware future.

Transition to Paper-Light Environment

Harvey Commercial General Contracting is committed to supporting sustainability in any way possible and is constantly finding new ways to decrease our impact on the environment. Often, this includes bridging the sustainability gap between the office and the field. Harvey Commercial General Contracting is increasingly adopting the most recent technology to assist with this goal.

Recently, Harvey Commercial General Contracting has shifted to a ‘paper-light’ environment, adding paperless onboarding, internal paperwork and virtual storage. With these new measures in place, we hope to contribute to the sustainability of not only our local environment, but of global resources.

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